“Dramatically improve the quality of life through the free manipulation of matter and information ”

There are still many monotonous jobs, such as driving a car, working in a factory, or cultivating cells. Monotonous work is not suitable for people, and many people find it painful. On the other hand, non-monotonous jobs such as research, comedy, art, making things, and sports are suitable for people and they will do them even if they are not paid.

Our goal is to create a society where machines can do the monotonous work and people can do the fun work. Machines are not suited for jobs that people like to do, such as talking with people, art, and sports. On the contrary, they are good at routine work that people dislike, such as work in factories, and work with greater efficiency than people. With the decline in computational costs in recent years, we have reached a point where even complex routine work like automated driving can be mechanized.

Our mission is to dramatically improve the quality of our lives by developing technology that can manipulate matter and information at will and mechanize monotonous tasks. We will make daily efforts to realize our mission.

Management Policy

There are many decisions that need to be made when running a business. In order to make consistent decisions, evaluation guidelines are essential. In our company, decision making is based on the following management guidelines.

Policy Detail
Society First We will do our best to make society a better place.
Keep purpose Do not make decisions without a purpose
Improve the working environment We will create an organization where talented people can gather from all over the world and work to the best of their ability.
Challenging spirit Continuously search for the best global solution through repeated challenges.
Maximize added value Maximize the added value per employee.