Auto Imaging System

The Auto Imaging System is a software that controls devices such as microscopes and cameras to perform automatic measurements. It performs everything from auto-focusing to cell searching, and can perform automatic imaging by simply placing a 96-well plate. By installing a pipetting machine, it is also possible to add drugs.

Automation requires our autofocus module, Perfect Auto Focus (PAF). For measurements that do not use autofocus (manual operation, time-lapse measurement, etc.), the autofocus module is not required.


Cell recognition by artificial intelligence


The cell recognition function by artificial intelligence will automatically search for and photograph cells. The artificial intelligence can be trained by using the customer’s own data as the teacher data.

Execution of the AI can be done at high speed by using Nvidia’s GPU (about 100ms, depending on the AI configuration).

Auto focus by PAF

The AIS autofocuses in conjunction with PAF (Perfect Auto Focus, which is our product), and PAF ensures that the focus does not shift even after a long time. PAF ensures that the focus will not be lost even after a long period of time, and maintains focus even when the well is moved.


AIS has a variety of automatic measurement modes, which can be selected according to the nature of the experiment.

  • TimeLapse:Time-lapse measurement such as taking a picture every minute is possible. If the system is equipped with a pipetting system, it is also possible to take time-lapse measurements from the time the chemical is added.
  • CellSearch:The camera looks for cells in each well and takes a specified number of images. Images can be taken before and after the addition of the drug.
  • CellSearchQuick:Start imaging as soon as cells are located. This mode is ideal for capturing cells that move during imaging.
  • Scan:This mode takes the specified number of images of each well. In this mode, the camera does not search for cells, but captures the specified area.

Supported Devices

AIS is programmed to support a variety of devices. Currently, the following devices are supported, and we plan to increase the number of supported devices in future development.

Device Detail
Microscope Ti2, Ti (Nikon)
Camera Dcam API (Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.)
DA board Interface Corporation’s DA board
Laser OBIS (Coherent)
Dispenser Omni Robot (Tecan)

Example of structure


A Nikon Ti2 microscope and an Orca flash camera are used. PAF and TIRF optics are installed in the microscope back port. An OBIS is used as the laser source. Tecan’s Omni Robot is used as the pipetting system.